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DeKalb County Finally Settles

We are happy to report that after false charges and false testimony by an officer who planted evidence on our client and years of litigation that followed, we received a wonderful order from the federal judge, which resulted in DeKalb County settling the case with a great result for our client and hopefully a lesson…read more

DeKalb County Police Quotas Result in Arrest

By Bill Torpy – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016 Officer Demetrius Kendrick, right, is accused of planting some weed near Alphonso Eleby, sitting. Eleby’s lawyer says the cop was trying to meet an arrest quota in the department. Just about anyone who’s gotten a ticket inherently knows that cops have to live up to…read more

DeKalb Arrest Quotas Lead to Illegal Arrest of Our Client

By Rhonda Cook – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution A frame capture from the store video shows Officer Kendrick, right, and another officer with Alphonso Eleby, seated, seconds before Kendrick claimed that he found loose marijuana on the ground near Eleby. Posted: 1:10 p.m. Friday, Sept. 16, 2016 Alphonso Eleby had stopped at a convenience store for…read more

Dunwoody officer faces fourth police-search lawsuit

Posted by Dyana Bagby on September 1, 2016. A Dunwoody Police officer is facing a fourth lawsuit alleging an unlawful search and arrest months after the city settled three similar suits against him. Officer Dale Laskowski has been sued in federal court and accused of “unlawful seizure, detention and search” of Colton Laidlaw, who was…read more

Our client files lawsuit, says Dunwoody Police officer violated rights

by: Mike Petchenik Updated: Sep 7, 2016 – 6:29 PM NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. – Just months after the city of Dunwoody settled three lawsuits alleging an officer violated drivers’ civil rights during traffic stops, another man has filed suit alleging the same. Colton Laidlaw, then just 17 yeard old and a junior at Dunwoody…read more